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Scented Tea

IMG_7289 Lapsang S

Lapsang Souchong

This organic black tea is from the Fujian Province of China, where Lapsang Souchong originated. Using the traditional method of smoking the tea using pinewood this is a rich and characteristically smoky flavour.

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IMG_5568 earl grey

Earl Grey, Greenfield Estate

The dark wiry leaves of this black tea have a wonderfully bright coppery colour when infused. Scented with the citrus fruit, Bergamot, this Earl Grey is a typically fragrant and refreshing tea.

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IMG_7822 green tea with jasmine

Green tea with Jasmine

This organic green tea is from the Guangxi Province of southern China. The whole leaf tea from early spring leaves are scented with fresh blossoms of the Jasmine flower. It produces a soft fragrant flavour and a vivid golden cup.

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