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Lung Ching

lung ching leaves Lung Ching, also known as Dragon Well, is one of the most famous Chinese green teas. The very best leaves are pan dried by hand to create their unique flat shape. Our organic Lung Ching comes from the eastern province of Zhejiang, where the tea originated and the emerald green leaves have a wonderful sweet, grassy aroma when infused. It has a bright amber liquor with a spring fresh flavour.

50 grams of Lung Ching: Refill £7.90
50 grams of Lung Ching: Tin £8.90






Brewing Instructions

We recommend infusing the leaves in freshly drawn or filtered water at 80℃ for 3 to 4 minutes.
1 teaspoon per cup or to taste. Don’t forget to add more water, as the leaves unfurl, for several further infusions.

*Certified organic at origin*