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Green Tea


IMG_7825 silver green

Silver Green, Makaibari Estate

This is an organic green tea from Darjeeling, grown at an altitude of 1500 metres. Picking only the two leaves and bud of the new growth these beautiful leaves create a gentle, mellow flavour with a vivid golden cup. These leaves are the estate’s highest grade of green tea.

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gun powder leaves

Gunpowder Green

Our organic Gunpowder Green tea from China is a full flavoured tea with a classic grassy flavour. When infused the leaves give off a wonderful earthy, fresh aroma with slight sweetness creating a bright, amber liquor.

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IMG_5548 Pi Lo Chun2

Pi Lo Chun

Our organic Pi Lo Chun is a whole leaf tea that has a sweet, fresh, apricot aroma with a yellow golden cup and produces a wonderfully clean, light fruity flavour.

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lung ching leaves

Lung Ching

Lung Ching, also known as Dragon Well, is one of the most famous Chinese green teas. The unique emerald green, flat shaped leaves create a wonderful sweet, grassy aroma when infused. It has a bright amber liquor with a Spring fresh flavour.

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IMG_7822 green tea with jasmine

Green tea with Jasmine

This organic Green tea with Jasmine is a Yin Hao, meaning Silver Tips. It has an abundance of young tippy leaves and is scented with fresh blossoms of the jasmine flower. It has a gentle, fragrant flavour with a light yellow cup.

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