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Darjeeling First Flush, Ambootia Estate

IMG_7195 Darjeeling First FlushThe tea growing season begins in early spring once warmer weather arrives. This organic First Flush is from this initial short season – the leaves are dark and green producing a light copper cup with fresh, delicate flavours and mild astringency. This tea has a slightly darker cup than earlier years as it comes from slightly later in this first season.

50 grams of Darjeeling First Flush: Refill £6.90
50 grams of Darjeeling First Flush: Tin £7.90

Brewing Instructions

These are delicate leaves so we recommend infusing in freshly drawn or filtered water at 95℃ for 3 to 5 minutes.
1 teaspoon per cup or to taste. Don’t forget to add more water for a further infusion.

“Like the green teas I feel these Darjeeling black teas are best enjoyed not too strong. I tend to use just half a teaspoon per cup. I also add more water for further infusions.” James