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Bristol Breakfast – Assam

Bristol Breakfast leaves

Our Bristol Breakfast is the perfect way to start the day for those who enjoy a full and invigorating brew. This is a single estate black tea from Belseri located on the northern bank of the River Braphmaputra, in the Sonitpur district of central Assam. We import direct from the estate.

Belseri is one the largest estates in Assam committed totally to the organic cultivation of tea. These broken leaves, with a good scattering of golden tips, create a smooth yet robust tea with a true, deeply rich, malty character and dark copper cup. A really fantastic Assam!

For more information about Belseri and the other estates and farms that we source from check out the Estate page.

75 grams of Bristol Breakfast: Refill £4.70
75 grams of Bristol Breakfast: Tin £5.40
250 grams of Bristol Breakfast: Pouch £12.60

Brewing Instructions

We recommend infusing the leaves in freshly drawn or filtered water at 100℃ for 3 to 5 minutes.
1 teaspoon per cup or to taste. Perfect with milk.

I tend to drink this tea strong with milk. However, with a few less leaves it can be enjoyed without milk – it has a beautiful dark copper cup and a smooth taste.” James

*Certified organic at origin*