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Black Tea


IMG_7195 Darjeeling First Flush

Darjeeling First Flush, Makaibari Estate

The tea growing season begins in early spring once the first rains arrive. This organic First Flush is from this initial short season. The leaves are dark and green producing a light copper cup with fresh, delicate flavours and mild astringency.

From £6.90 for 50g More Information

IMG_7272 Darjeeling Second Flush

Darjeeling Second Flush, Makaibari Estate

These leaves are picked in late spring, early summer. One reason Darjeeling teas are described as the ‘champagne of teas’ is because of their fantastic muscatel flavours and these are more prominent in the second flush. More full bodied than the First Flush but still soft and aromatic this organic Second Flush produces a vivid coppery cup.

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Bristol Breakfast leaves

Bristol Breakfast – Assam

Our organic Bristol Breakfast is the perfect way to start the day for those who enjoy a full and invigorating brew. This is a single estate black tea from Belseri located on the northern bank of the River Braphmaputra, in the Sonitpur district of central Assam.

From £4.70 for 75g More Information

kanoka assam leaves

Kanoka Assam

Situated in the Sonitpur district of central Assam, north of the River Brahmaputra the family run Kanoka Estate grows a mixed crop with just 8 acres turned over to tea. This beautiful handcrafted tea, rolled and twisted, with plenty of tippy golden leaves creates a smooth, malty Assam with slight sweetness.

From £5.30 for 50g More Information

Tonganagaon Assam

This black tea is from an estate situated in Upper Assam. The large twisted leaves, with plenty of golden tips, create a dark orangey infusion.

From £5.90 for 50g                  More Information

IMG_7147 assam

Assam, Jamguri Estate

This is a broken leaf (GBOP) black tea from the Jamguri Estate in central Assam; one of the very few estates in Assam that offer an organic and Fairtrade certified tea. With a scattering of golden tips it produces a wonderfully robust and malty flavour.

From £4.70 for 75g More Information

Brunel Brew Leaves

Brunel’s Brew

To mark the Victorian engineer and his Bristol legacy we have given Isambard Kingdom Brunel his own tea. Brunel’s Brew is a rich, full bodied blend of black teas from Assam and Sumatra.

From £4.90 for 75g More Information

Sri Lanka

IMG_7813 Engl breakfast

English Breakfast, Greenfield Estate

This high grown black tea is a smooth, medium bodied tea that is full of flavour. The leaves create a bright cup with a beautiful honeyed character. Enjoyed with or without milk.

From £4.70 for 75g More Information

IMG_5568 earl greyEarl Grey, Greenfield Estate

This organic black tea from Sri Lanka is scented with Bergamot to create a refreshing and lightly fragrant Earl Grey. Using the finest whole leaf Ceylon tea as its base this Earl Grey draws out the citrus, fruity flavours of the Bergamot. It has a wonderfully bright, copper colour when infused.

From £5.30 for 50g More Information

IMG_7285 BOP Ceylon

Totterdown Tea – Ceylon BOP

This black tea is a Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe from the Greenfield Estate and infuses deeply to create a full, rich character.

From £5.40 for 100g More Information

Ceylon Orange Pekoe, Greenfield Estate

This smooth black tea is a high grade organic tea. The long wiry leaves and bright copper cup creates a light malty flavour with a natural, gentle sweetness.

                                        From £5.90 for 50g         More Information


rukeri rwanda leaves

Rukeri Rwanda

Rukeri in north west Rwanda is one of the only tea estates in Africa to offer an orthodox whole leaf tea and the first in Rwanda to cultivate organically. These long, wiry leaves create a beautiful copper orange liquor, producing a delicious black tea that is full flavoured with a hint of spiciness.

From £4.90 for 75g More Information


IMG_7289 Lapsang S

Lapsang Souchong

This organic black tea is from the Fujian Province of China, where Lapsang Souchong originated. Using the traditional method of smoking the tea using pinewood this is a rich and characteristically smoky flavour.

From £5.30 for 50g More Information