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Our Refill Packaging

In recent months we have begun to change some aspects of our packaging. The retail ziplock pouches we have sent out teas in over the last few years are the most efficient packaging in maintaining freshness and protecting the teas from contamination and whilst they are recyclable they do include a plastic ziplock. For this reason we have started to introduce an alternative grass & paper refill – the tea is placed in an insert, made of grass, and then into outer layered paper sleeve, both these elements can be fully disposed of in your paper recycling bin. We have continued to use pouches for the most fragrant teas and herbal infusions.

Going forward I will pack the teas to order and as there are several layers I believe this packing will be sufficient to protect the teas whilst in transit – any problems please do contact me. I would recommend on receipt, to keep the teas fresh, they should be transferred into a tin or caddy.

All parts of our postage packaging can be recycled in the paper bin.